In DETECT’s various fields of research, particularly women are underrepresented. The promotion of DIVERSITY is therefore one of DETECT’s core structural aims. In doing so, we aim for the broadest possible view of DIVERSITY.

DETECT’s target is to create a diverse and inclusive environment, and to promote researchers from underrepresented groups.

Therefore, we bundle a whole variety of measures in our DIVERSITY programme 
to promote Equal Opportunities based on the following three pillars:





Overcoming structural barriers by

  • actively promoting careers
  • addressing individual requirements


Increase representation:

To increase the representation of underrepresented groups in higher-skilled roles, we actively promote scientific and management position careers by offering support which is tailored to their individual requirements.

We also actively enlarge the pool of potential future researchers in the DETECT research field by organising events such as the national Girl’s day:





  • Raise awareness for imbalance + barriers
  • Understand career mechanisms
  • Invite role models from diverse backgrounds


Raising awareness and providing role models:

To raise awareness for the existing imbalance and underrepresentation but also for potential barriers we invite experts from DIVERSITY research.

We further invite highly ranked guests from underrepresented groups to give talks and courses, but also to be engaged in paper supervision.





Counteract structural sources of imbalance

  • Share experience
  • Empower + train networking competencies


Fostering Networks by 
's Networking Activities

Our programme is completed by networking formats.

DETECT’s Coordination Office organises on-site mentoring events with networking meetings between visiting researchers and interested people from underrepresented groups to mutually learn about career paths, motivations and whatever guests would like to pass on.




's Contact:

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Dorothee Berkle-Müller – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please also refer to the funding principles of Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft to promote equal opportunities at:


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